An Innovative, Network as a Platform Solution

The SYNTHESIS™ platform was created to fill the gaps and give speed to market for Carrier networks or Service Providers looking to offer their own voice services for Cloud Platform providers. (Microsoft Teams)

“NUWAVE is focused on the simplification, automation, and innovation that enhances our partners to be successful in the ever-changing marketplace. Our goal is to enable a scalable future for all that strive to be the best in their cloud communication service offerings.” Mark Bunnell – COO

UC Cloud Platforms Simplified Through Innovation


The goal of the SYNTHESIS Platform is to simplify, speed up the onboarding process, reduce the associated integration CAPEX costs for the Service Provider and leverage existing Network as a Service from SYNTHESIS to provide deeper integrations, and overall, enable more Service Providers to easily integrate and offer voice services for cloud platform providers with less associated cost and complexity of handling of the relevant infrastructure.


Synthesis provides Analytics with Encrypted SIP Analytics and IP Flow with quality assurance tools to support Partner Operations.


Only pay for what you use without CapeX investment. SYNTHESIS platform provides maximum on-demand elasticity.

UC Platform

Synthesis is connected to Microsoft network (MAPS) and partner using synthesis can easily and quicky launch and enable Cloud UC voice.


SYNTHESIS provides automated Routing through NUWAVE's Centralized Intelligent Routing Core, making it easy to connect and manage your service.


Synthesis Provides Geo Redundant Global Network Coverage, with Pops in ASIA PACIFIC, EUROPE & North America, with AFRICA and Latin Americas Regions on deck.


Advanced security modules such as Carrier-Grade DDOS Mitigation, STIR/Shaken Framework, SIP Security with auto Detection & Blocking, and Toll Fraud Detection & Mitigation.

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Simplifying the launch and scale of your UC Cloud Voice Offering.


The SYNTHESIS™ platform is the most innovative, simple way to connect your voice services to UC Cloud Platform OEMs that NUWAVE supports (Microsoft Teams and in Q1 2022 Zoom). Using SYNTHESIS™ and iPILOT™, you obtain immediate access to Integration, Visibility and Control across your own network that you would otherwise need to build out the capability yourself.

Geo Redundant network in each region globally.

Self serve/On demand provisioning of all services.

DDos protection & STIR/Shaken included.

Eliminate network elements (SBCs), licensing, support contracts.

Analytics/NOC tools built in for visibility and troubleshooting.

ISO 27001 certification on the network elements included. Other certifications coming.

Hacker detection & Fraud protection tools included.

Eliminate Colocation space, power, cross connects, internet.

Gain access to all the latest services, Teams, Zoom, Cisco and others.

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SYNTHESIS gives you the flexibility to scale your network on-demand


Until recently, offering your phone services in a Cloud Platform Provider ecosystem took a lot of resources and time. Today, the SYNTHESIS™ platform removes the complexity, and can enable your network in as little as a work week.

Our partner community is worldwide and growing quickly. We are excited for you to be a part of it.

Scale With New Integrations & Collaborations

Enable your network and integrate into existing APIs for Cloud Platform Providers. NUWAVE currently has integrations with Microsoft Teams Operator Connect and Direct Routing.

Reduce Complexity

NUWAVE provides existing APIs that make it easy for you to connect to any Cloud Platform Providers that we currently support. This makes it simple to integrate your network and start offering your own services.

Reduce Time To Market

It can take months to understand requirements of provide cloud-based enterprise voice solutions (e.g Teams Operator Connect or Direct Routing). SYNTHESIS™ significantly reduces the time to market it takes to offer your own services.

Reduce Expenses

Connecting your network to Cloud Platform Providers requires high expenses and hardware. Synthesis allows you to connect to NUWAVE’s infrastructure, providing all of the hardware you need to easily connect your network and start offering services.

Expand Network Features

With iPILOT, you can provide self-service for end customers, with zero-touch management, visibility, and control over your entire customer base all in a white label ready package.

Offer New Products

The SYNTHESIS™ platform is the fastest, most reliable way to simply connect your network and start offering your phone service for Cloud Platform Providers.

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NUWAVE provides a variety of Solutions to meet your needs:

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Whether you are interested in consolidating voice services to a single provider or migrating away from legacy systems, NUWAVE has you covered with a fully-featured list of Voice services. Ask us today how to get started.